Survivors Outreach Center

About Us


The Survivors Outreach Center has been providing services in Georgia since 2009.

We provide underprivileged and underrepresented communities with the support and guidance they need to prosper and make positive decisions independently. This is accomplished through educational therapy sessions guided by licensed professionals with proven records of success. 

Our programming was created with the intent for the community to become empowered and motivated by providing education tailored to the individual's needs. Our reputable assessments are designed to recognize where assistance is needed in order to provide the most accurate treatment necessary.

We hope to uplift the community by providing the tools to empower others to serve as productive members of society.


We offer workshops and classes designed to promote life skills, wellness education, social skills, and legal literacy via our partnerships with attorneys and police officers.

Our programs were created to empower those who have undergone stressful situations by teaching, healing, and allowing them an opportunity to choose a better life. We want to encourage everyone who walks through our doors to prosper, and we equip them with the necessary tools and information to achieve anything they set out to do.

We cater to families, children, and adults who are in disadvantaged communities who have had traumatic life experiences from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We want you to join us as we provide enrichment programs for economically and socially challenged communities.  

10 Years of Service